KVB30D UV exposure box

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Kinsten KVB30D UV exposure box

The Kinsten UV Exposure Box has a maximum exposure area 230 x 380mm and can be used for single sided, or double sided PCB's.

It includes digital timer & vacuum table.

Three (3) FL-15 tubes top and bottom, ensure high intensity ultra-violet radiation for rapid exposure time. For applications that require more intense UV, Kinsten now offer the KVB30DQ with four (4) lamps per side for 220V regions and KVB30DT with five (5) lamps per side for 110V regions. Due to the size of the ballasts, 240V regions do not yet have a high intensity model.

The dominant UV wavelength is 350~400nm and the KVB-30D, while designed for use with Kinsten presensitised PCB, is often suitable for other applications that require transfering an image to a UV sensitive surface. They have been used in other applications including label making and rubber stamp production, although please check suitability first.

Please ensure you order the correct model for your mains voltage. Broadly, 110V is for North America and some areas of Asia, 220V is for Europe and some areas of Asia, 240V is for Australia & New Zealand. However, your area may have a different mains voltage, so please check before ordering.

6 Lamp UV Exposure Box with Timer and Vacuum Clamp
Order Code Description Price Order
KVB30D-110 110V KVB30D (3 lamps per side)
USA style plug
A$ 472.90
≈US$ 367.49
KVB30D-220 220V KVB30D (3 lamps per side)
Euro style plug
A$ 472.90
≈US$ 367.49
KVB30D-240 240V KVB30D (3 lamps per side)
Australia style plug
A$ 472.90
≈US$ 367.49

8 Lamp UV Exposure Box with Timer and Vacuum Clamp
Order Code Description Price Order
KVB30DQ-220 220V KVB30DQ (4 lamps per side) A$ 545.10
≈US$ 423.59

10 Lamp UV Exposure Box with Timer and Vacuum Clamp
Order Code Description Price Order
KVB30DT-110 110V KVB30DT (5 lamps per side) A$ 593.20
≈US$ 460.97

Replacement Parts for KVB-30D UV Exposure Box
Order Code Description Price Order
KVB30D-FILM Replacement Film for KVB30D Vac Table A$ 9.80
≈US$ 7.62
KVB30D-SEAL Replacement Rubber Seal for KVB30D Vac Table A$ 13.70
≈US$ 10.65
FL-15 KVB Replacement Lamp A$ 10.40
≈US$ 8.08
FS-2 15W Starter with Condenser A$ 0.70
≈US$ 0.54

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Instructions to use KVB30D

Kinsten KVB30D instructions Fig 1.

The power cable is located in the top lid of the exposure box, to release pull small brass knob.(Fig 1.1).

Turn off all switches on the front panel (Fig 1.2) & plug power cable into rear of the KVB30D. Ensure the voltage supply is correct and plug into electricity socket.

Adjust exposure time using Second Preset buttons. Typical exposure time is 60-90 seconds for photoplot and 70-120 seconds for artwork base when used with Kinsten PCB.

Kinsten KVB30D control panel
Kinsten KVB30D instructions Fig 2.

Unlock the vacuum clamp by pushing the metal latches outward with your thumbs, and lift clamp.

Kinsten KVB30D instructions Fig 3.

Remove protective film from presensitised PCB and align the artwork with the PCB. Alignment of double sided PCBs is made easier by using PCB offcuts to make a pouch with the artworks pre-aligned as shown in the image.

Artwork should be printed as a positive (black tracks) reversed image. Lay the printed side against the PCB, so the result will be correct.

Kinsten KVB30D instructions Fig 4

Place the assembled Kinsten PCB and artwork inside the vacuum clamp, leaving a minimum 1cm distance from the air pipe.

Close and latch the vacuum clamp. Start the vacuum pump and wait for approximately 30 seconds until the air under vacuum clamp has been fully removed.

Close box and turn on UV light source, upper/lower or both as required. Display panel counts down seconds and at the end of exposure time, a buzzer will give a 2-3 seconds signal.

Turn off vacuum pump, open the box and wait a few seconds, then unlock the vacuum clamp and open it slowly. Remove and process the PCB.


  1. Avoid UV exposure at a short distance for more than 5 seconds. If necessary, wear UV protective glasses.
  2. Adjusting the Second Preset during exposure may interrupt the timer.
  3. Unplug the power cable before replacing the fuse, 3 Amp for 100-120V, 2 Amp for 220-240V.
  4. Do not use solvents on transparent plastic surface, use soft cloth with water/detergent or 50% water/alcohol.
  5. Normal artificial room light will not harm Kinsten presensitised surface if exposed less than 5 minutes.
  6. Breaks and flaws in artwork may be touched up with a black text pen.

KVB30D Specifications

Supply voltage (model dependant) 110Vac-60Hz
Power (max.) 300W
UV Source (model dependant) 6 × 15W Fluorescent Lamp
8 × 15W Fluorescent Lamp
10 × 15W Fluorescent Lamp
Mask Area 22 × 37cm
Dimension 51 × 41 × 15cm
Weight 12kg


Kinsten products should only be used by qualified personel.
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Use common sense and ensure that all safety practices are adhered to when using Kinsten products.
Kinsten take no responsibility for the misuse or incorrect use of any product. Check local regulations regarding use and disposal of any Kinsten product.