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Australia Post Satchels

There is no online ordering, place an order by emailing your request to and a payment total will be returned. (Note: no Tax Invoice is available). Payment is by EFT to an Australian bank. If you wish to pay by PayPal, there is a 5% surcharge.

Price and approximate weight are shown for each product. Orders will be sent in Australia Post Parcel Post satchels.

Small (220×355mm) 500g satchels will be charged at A$ 9.20.

Medium (310×405mm) 3kg satchels will be charged at A$ 14.90.

Large (435×510mm) 5kg satchels will be charged at A$ 19.00.

Product weight and size is offered as a guide to determine how many can fit in a satchel, but final packaging may vary according to extra padding added.

Kinsten BV-5A developer neutraliser (foil pack)

When the DP-50 solution no longer develops the resist in a timely manner, it can be neutralised using the Kinsten BV-5 neutraliser kit, converting the developer to a gel for easy disposal.

Weight: 40g. Size: 125×110×10mm

Price: A$ 0.10 / sachet

Kinsten etch tank thermometer

Kinsten etch tank thermometer

-20~110°C thermometer to suit Kinsten etching tank.

Weight: 55g. Size: 300×15×15mm

Price: A$ 0.50 each

Kinsten EPH-20 etching / plating heater 240V AU plug

Kinsten EPH-20 etching / plating heater

The heating element is rated at 300W. 1500cc of water (ET-10) will rise approximately 2.2°C per minute. 2200cc of water (ET-20) will rise approximately 1.5°C per minute.

The top mounted temperature adjustment knob permits adjustment 35°C ~ 55°C.

The heater must be immersed in liquid before power is switched ON. Ensure the liquid level remains above the MIN WATER LEVEL mark while the heater is in operation to prevent damage by overheating.

Switch off, and remove plug from power socket immediately after use. Allow the glass envelope to cool before removing from the liquid.

Weight: 280g. Size: 360×80×45mm

Note: Due to the depth of the box a maximum of 3 x heaters will fit in a medium 3kg satchel.

Price: A$ 2.00 each

Kinsten RS-238 etch tank airpump 240V AU plug

Kinsten RS-238 etch tank airpump

Single outlet.

Long lasting performance.

Energy saving design.

With low noise & big output.

Weight: 280g. Size: 150×80×60mm

Price: A$ 0.50 each


Kinsten products should only be used by qualified personel.
Kinsten products are not suitable for use by children except with competent adult supervision taking full responsibility.
Use common sense and ensure that all safety practices are adhered to when using Kinsten products.
Kinsten take no responsibility for the misuse or incorrect use of any product. Check local regulations regarding use and disposal of any Kinsten product.