Kinsten Artwork Base

To print high contrast PCB artwork

Artwork Base

Artwork base material

When producing artwork for making PCB's, some materials produce better results than others.

Overhead transparency sheets usually produce very poor results, as they cannot aggregate the ink or toner density enough to produce high contrast. Some materials are not UV transparent, and are also unsuitable for using as PCB artwork.

Using a suitable base media with an inkjet or laser printer, good results can be obtained.


Polyester artwork base is suitable for use in most inkjet and laser printers. It is capable higher resolution than paper. and is resistant to water. Polyester artwork base minimum resolution is 0.1mm lines with a 0.2mm gap between lines, subject to printer capability. It is recommended that exposure time is increased by 20~30%. Currently available in A4 size supplied in bags of 10 sheets. A5 & A3 will become available in the future.

A4 Polyester Artwork Base in bag of 10 sheets
Order Code Description Lot
A4-POLY10 A4 Polyester Artwork Base (bag of 10 sheets) 1 A$ 4.90
≈US$ 3.81
A$ 4.90
≈US$ 3.81
A4-POLY10/100 A4 Polyester Artwork Base (bag of 10 sheets) 100 A$ 4.30
≈US$ 3.34
A$ 430.00
≈US$ 334.00


Paper artwork base is a low cost alternative. It is not recommended for inkjet printers, and the resolution is lower than polyester. Paper artwork base minimum resolution is 0.15mm lines with a 0.25mm gap between lines, subject to printer capability. It is most suitable for single use, with a laser printer. It is currently available in A4 size supplied in bags of 10 sheets.

A4 Paper Artwork Base in bag of 10 sheets
Order Code Description Lot
A4-PAPER10 A4 Paper Artwork Base (bag of 10 sheets) 1 A$ 1.70
≈US$ 1.32
A$ 1.70
≈US$ 1.32
A4-PAPER10/100 A4 Paper Artwork Base (bag of 10 sheets) 100 A$ 1.46
≈US$ 1.13
A$ 146.00
≈US$ 113.00

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