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Kinsten KLB-10 UV Exposure Box Kit

Low cost 400nm UV exposure box kit. Requires 12V / 1A power source.

Ideal for education and home use.

Kinsten UV exposure box kit

Currently unavailable.

Information is left online for those that want to base their own design on the KLB-10.

Ultra-violet (400nm) LED light box kit for image transfer to photosensitive PCB.

Single-side exposure with timer. 240 × 130mm maximum PCB size.

Components and case included. Solder and tools are to be supplied by the maker.

Easy to solder and assemble.

No power supply is included to ensure world-wide compatibility.
Most 12V/1A DC supplies with adaptor selection available from your local electronic store will be suitable. Actual current draw is approximately 0.5A.

Assembly Instructions

Mark position of PCB mount drill holes.

Place the PCB inside the box, LED side facing up, and timer circuit facing left. Center the PCB against base and mark through the four mounting holes.

Mark position of side drill holes.

Cut the drill templates from the sheet supplied. Tape the templates to the correct position on the box and mark each of the holes. A copy of the drill template can be downloaded above.

Drill the case holes.

Drill the 4 base holes each at 3.5mm.
Drill the other case holes at the sizes marked on the template.
File the notch for positioning the power switch as indicated on the template.

Install the screen support rails.

Place the long plastic strip inside the back of the case, holding it against the ribs, and mark through the two holes.
Do the same with the short strips on the left and right side of the case.
Drill each marked position with 1mm diameter drill.
Screw each rail into position using the 6 small self tapping screws, being careful not to over-tighten.

Solder the SMD LED's onto the PCB.

Usually static sensitive components are soldered last, but in this situation, work-area stability is more important. A small quantity of extra LEDs comes in the kit in case there are failures, but with care, there shouldn't be any.

Place a tiny amount of solder paste on the LED pads. Gently place the LED, ensuring that the polarity is correct. The small notch on the LED should be facing the upper left corner whem the timer components are facing left.

Test operation of each 3 LED string (optional).

Solder a 150R resistor to the positive (red) lead of a 9V battery snap. Attach the battery, and hold the black wire against the square pad in LED37 and the resistor end in the associated resistor pad for each LED string. (Note: testing parts are not supplied in the kit).

Solder Q1 (IRF8721) in place

Similar to the LED's, place a small amount of solder paste on each pad. Place Q1 and hold in position while using a soldering iron to reflow the solderpaste. If there is a small amount of excess solderpaste, the surface tension will draw the solder to the pads and component legs while it is molten. As before, keep the heating time to a minimum.

Insert and solder resistors R1 to R41

Using the component list supplied with the kit, bend the cpmponent legs to a 10mm pitch, insert from the bottom side of the PCB, and solder in place, being careful to not damage the SMD components already in place

Solder remaining components in place except LED37

Ensure orientation of the connectors J2, J3, J3, Electrolytic capacitor C2 and integrated circuit U1 are correct.

The fuse can be inserted at this time.

Solder LED37 to top side of PCB

Check orientation and solder so the LED legs are at 20mm length above the PCB.

Solder connector wires J5 to SW1, J6 to RV1, J7 to SW2.

Ensure correct orientation of J6 to RV1. SW1 & SW2 are not polarised.

Final assembly.

Attach the rubber feet using the long nylon screws, through the base and thread into the nylon stand-offs

Thread the connector and wire of SW1 & SW2 through their holes. Push SW1 to lock in position. Screw nut on SW2 to lock in place.

Plug the flying leads from SW1, SW2 and RV1 on the PCB

Insert RV1 into the case hole, and use washer and nut to lock in place. Push the timer knob onto the RV1 shaft.

Fold as much wire as possible under the PCB, then place the PCB on the nylon standoffs, and screw into place using the short nylon screws.

Carefully bend the legs of LED37 so the red LED is slightly protruding through the front panel hole, and use the LED bezel to lock it into position.

Remove any protective film from the acrylic sheet and push into position. It is designed as a tight fit so no screws are needed to hold it in place, but can be prised up if the fuse needs to be replaced.

Fit the foam insert into the top lid if not already in position

Make and attach label (optional).

Download and print the label at original size. Cut to size, and stick into the top case recess.

Test and use

Attach a suitable power supply and your light box is ready for testing and use

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