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Kinsten PCB Chemicals

To process Kinsten Printed Circuit Boards

Due to freight regulations, we no longer ship Kinsten chemicals. This information is for Kinsten users to obtain possible alternatives. The information is provided 'as-is' with no warranty, or guarantee of fitness for purpose. It is left solely to to the discretion of the user to decide what, if any, option presented here is used.

Chemicals should be disposed of in accordance with local regulations.

DP-50 Kinsten developer packet


A sachet of DP-50 developer is mixed per 1 litre of 25°C water. The exposed PCB is gently agitated in solution. The exposed areas of resist will dissolve into the solution, leaving the green resist in areas that were not exposed to UV light.

If the resist does not fully remove from the exposed areas, the UV received was insufficient. Possible causes are: Insufficient exposure time; the UV source is old and not producing enough UV; incorrect UV frequency (use 350~450µm UV source); the artwork is not UV transmissive.

Kinsten DP-50 is a 50g packet of of Sodium Metasilicate. Sodium Metasilicate is commonly used as a component of detergents. 50g of Sodium Metasilicate should be mixed with 1 litre of 25°C water.

Many mildly alkaline solutions will also develop exposed Kinsten PCB.

Some Kinsten users have reported using 'a few flakes of Sodium Hydroxide' in water, or diluted drain cleaner. However, there is no mixing ratio's, and this information is provided in good faith with no guarantee of suitability.

The user should make test's to determine if the process is suitable for their requirements, and is responsible for all safety proceedures.

EB-750 Kinsten etching packet

EB-750 PCB Etchant

Kinsten recommend EB-750 PCB etchant for use with Kinsten boards. In some markets, EB-750 is sold as "Kinsten Blue."

If using an ET10 tank, two (2) EB-750 sachets are required for a fill, and three (3) EB-750 sachets are required for an ET20 tank fill.

Mix the sachet contents with warm water until the powder is dissolved. Pour the solution into the etching tank, ensuring that the level is above the Min Level mark on the heater element. Using the air pump to circulate the solution, turn on the heater until the solution is at the operating temperature.

As the etching process increases the etchant temperature, larger PCBs (>300cm² etching area) the temperature should be set to 40~50°C, and smaller PCB's to 50~55°C. The greater the amount of etching, the higher the temperature rise. The maximum etchant temperature should be limited to 60°C.

Lower the boards into the liquid for etching. Carefully remove the boards and rinse in fresh water when sufficient copper has been removed.

EB-750 is Sodium Persulphate. 190g is mixed per 1 litre of water.

Ammonium Persulphate is an alternative. Mix ratio is 200g per one liter of water, and should be used about 5°C higher than Sodium Persulphate, but keep the maximum temperature at 60°C.

Ferric Chloride is another commonly used etchant, and should be used in accordance with the suppliers instructions.

There have been reports of some Kinsten technicians using a mixture of Hydrochloric Acid with Hydrogen Peroxide. I have no information on the mix ratio's, eteching temperature, or any other details about this etching technique.

It is solely the responsibility of the Kinsten user to research the correct method to use chemicals above, the suitability for their application, and the safe & correct use of the chemicals.

Shipping Cost & Delivery Time

Unless specifically written on the price table, prices don't include freight.

Quoted delivery times are estimates. There are many factors affecting delivery times, especially customs clearance times. It is the purchasors responsibilty to complete all necessary requirements to fulfil their local import regulations.

Orders are shipped from Taiwan. Some orders require to be shipped in multiple cartons, or from more than one shipping depot.

Shipping Methods

Freight Considerations 2020

There have been significant changes to freight transport.

Notably, most services reject chemicals (DP50 developer & EB750 etchant) as general cargo or for post. They have to be sent as Dangerous Goods. We don't offer this service.

While the situation is improving, some orders experience longer than quoted delivery times. This is outside of our control.

Taiwan EMS & International Parcel Post service have limited destinations at this time, and the accepted countries vary according to post office discretion at the time of despatch.

DPEX Courier

We currently find this to be the most economical with availablity to most regions and recommend this service. DPEX delivery time is typically 3-10 days from despatch. Tracking is available for all DPEX deliveries.

EMS Courier

Where available, EMS delivery is generally 3 to 7 days from despatch, but some countries will take longer due to incoming customs delays. Tracking is available for all EMS deliveries.

International Parcel Post

Parcel post can be used when delivery time is not critical, at a lower cost.

Air Post delivery time can vary from 7 days to 45 days from despatch, but is typically delivered within 30 days.

SAL (Surface Air-lifted) Post delivery time is typically 20-45 days from despatch, but is only available to limited destinations.

Surface Post is usually the lowest cost, but not available to all destinations. Typical delivery times are 45 to 120 days from despatch.

Other Courier Services (DHL, Fedex, UPS etc.)

If you require this service, you must specify your own account accepting all freight charges ex shipping depot.

Air & Sea Freight

We can offer FOB (Free on Board) for orders shipped from Taiwan with a value greater than USD7,000. If the order value is less, there will be an additional charges to cover documentation and internal freight cost.

Country & Region Options

Please ensure you select the correct shipping region and country when options are available. Incorrect selection may delay or cancel the order.

There are some countries we cannot accept orders from, due to commercial restrictions.

Some equipment is for use on mains voltage. Please make sure that you choose the appropriate voltage for the location where the equipment will be used. It is not possible or reasonable for Kinsten or its employees to be aware of the correct mains voltage for your intended usage region.

Prices do not include any clearance fees, landing fees, duty, taxes or other charges payable in the destination country. If documentation other than the commercial invoice (example - import permit or consular certification) is required, additional charges will apply.

It is not possible or reasonable for Kinsten or its employees to be aware of any restrictions or regulations on importing items in to any country or region. It is solely the buyers responsibility and cost to ensure items are able to be imported into their selected destination country. Orders are despatched at the buyers risk.



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Check your local regulations regarding resale. Usually, it is OK to buy products for personal use but resellers need to check if there are restrictions. The most common products that might be restricted are products that are mains powered, or have registered/trademarked names.

Product colours

Product colors are examples. Product color and packaging may vary from the display picture.


Kinsten products should only be used by qualified personel.
Use common sense and ensure that all safety practices are adhered to when using Kinsten products.
Kinsten products are not suitable for use by children except with competent adult supervision taking full responsibility.
Kinsten take no responsibility for the misuse or incorrect use of any product. Check local regulations regarding use and disposal of any Kinsten product.