Uncoated PCB

Uncoated printed circuit board material

When resist is not required, or the technician wants to apply their own coating.

Low cost, economical PCB, available in selected sizes.

Custom sizes can be made but minimum order requirements apply. Send an email with your requirements.

Kinsten CPS Single-sided Phenolic PCB

Kinsten CPS Single-sided Fibreglass PCB

Kinsten CPS Double-sided Fibreglass PCB

Photosensitive layer

The positive resist has good exposure latitude and can produce very detailed track layouts when suitable artwork and processing is used.

Don't expose to sunlight until development and etching is complete.

Low intensity indoor lighting of less than 10minutes is acceptable.

Increase exposure time by 20% for each 6 months after date code printed on the packet.

There may be variation in the color of the resist due to the dye used for the production batch. This has no effect on the processing or final result.

General Notes

Don't apply excessive pressure or scratching motion to outside of the protective packet.

Recommended storage temperature 2 - 30°C. Never exceed 50°C

Sizes greater than 150×300mm are usually bulk-packed without foil bags.

Custom sizes can be made but minimum order requirements apply. Send an email with your requirements.

Kinsten products are despatched from Taiwan. Prices don't include postage.
It may be more economical to buy from a distributor near to your location
Note: Distributors might not carry all products, and they set their prices independently.
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Shipping Cost

Unless specifically written on the price table, prices don't include freight.

Orders are shipped from Taiwan. Some orders require to be shipped in multiple cartons, or from more than one shipping depot.

Shipping Methods

International Parcel Post

Parcel post can be used when delivery time is not critical, at a lower cost.

Air Post delivery time can vary from 7 days to 45 days from despatch, but is typically delivered within 30 days.

SAL (Surface Air-lifted) Post delivery time is typically 20-45 days from despatch, but is only available to limited destinations.

Surface Post is usually the lowest cost, but not available to all destinations. Typical delivery times are 45 to 120 days from despatch.

EMS Courier

Where available, EMS delivery is generally 3 to 7 days from despatch, but some countries will take longer due to incoming customs delays. Tracking is available for all EMS deliveries.

Courier Service (DHL, Fedex, UPS etc.)

If you require this service, you must specify your own account accepting all freight charges ex shipping depot.

Air & Sea Freight

For larger orders shipped from Taiwan with a value greater than USD7000, we can offer FOB (Free on Board). If the order value is less, there will be an additional charge to cover documentation and internal freight cost.

Country & Region Options

Please ensure you select the correct shipping region and country when options are available. Incorrect selection may delay or cancel the order.

There are some countries we cannot accept orders from, due to commercial restrictions.

Some equipment is for use on mains voltage. Please make sure that you choose the appropriate voltage for the location where the equipment will be used. It is not possible or reasonable for Kinsten or its employees to be aware of the correct mains voltage for your intended usage region.

Prices do not include any clearance fees, landing fees, duty, taxes or other charges payable in the destination country. If documentation other than the commercial invoice (example - import permit or consular certification) is required, additional charges will apply.

It is not possible or reasonable for Kinsten or its employees to be aware of any restrictions or regulations on importing items in to any country or region. It is solely the buyers responsibility and cost to ensure items are able to be imported into their selected destination country. All items are despatched at the buyers risk.


Payment is to made in Australian dollars (A$). The final charge in your local currency will be dependant on the exchange rate used by the transferring financial institutions and fees they charge. The Universal Currency Converter may be able to give a guide to the current exchange rate.


The PayPal delivery address must match the order delivery address. Order despatch may be delayed if there is a discrepancy between the addresses. We will send the order to the PayPal address to ensure buyer and seller PayPal guarantee's where offered by PayPal.

EFT / Western Union

We accept EFT payments from Australian bank accounts, or Western Union payments from outside of Australia.


We don't offer payment by account. Orders will not be prepared for despatch until payment is received.


Check your local regulations regarding resale. Usually, it is OK to buy products for personal use but resellers need to check if there are restrictions. The most common products that might be restricted are products that are mains powered, or have registered/trademarked names.

Product colours

Product colors are examples. Product color and packaging may vary from the display picture.


Kinsten products should only be used by qualified personel.
Kinsten products are not suitable for use by children except with competent adult supervision taking full responsibility.
Use common sense and ensure that all safety practices are adhered to when using Kinsten products.
Kinsten take no responsibility for the misuse or incorrect use of any product. Check local regulations regarding use and disposal of any Kinsten product.